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Beach Parasailing vs Dock Parasailing in Destin

What's On the Destin Parasail Menu?

So you want to go parasailing, but you're not sure what the best way to go is. Well, you are in luck! Here are some tips to help you find the best experience for your group. There are two types of parasailing offered in Destin, Florida: beach parasailing and dock parasailing. Let me explain the difference since much different logistics are involved to board the boat and come back to the shore. In other words, the middle parasailing meat is much the same, however, parasail bread is what stands apart in this extraordinarily fun sandwich.

Beach Parasailing in Destin

So you are sitting on your beach chair watching the parasailers soar through the sky and you think, I want to do THAT! This is where beach parasailing wins the day. There are no reservations or drives in traffic needed, just find the booth and, typically, sign up for the next boatload of folks. From there, you suit up in a life jacket and swim to a small, soft inflatable boat that takes you out to the parasailing vessel, where the real magic happens. Along the way you may spot fish, turtles, or other water creatures in the waves. The vessels merge and everyone climbs on the parasail boat. From there, the experiences are identical in beach and dock parasail. To return, the process is repeated and you wade back to the shore. Beach parasailing is preferred by many, but some find it's a bit too adventurous and expends more energy than they would like. And then, dock parasailing was born...

Dock Parasailing in Destin

Parasail by Beach, Destin FL

You heard it a million times before and you've seen your friends' facebook page after vacation. Flying through the air, they exhault the amazing feeling of flight--relaxing but exciting--and you are hooked. Here is your chance! You consult the Google God and find the perfect parasailing company, small groups of 6 people taken at a time, experienced captain, no long wait time to fly or to check in ( that's Captain Jambo's by the way!) You book your day and time and arrive 10 minutes early to check in (other places are up to 45 minutes ahead!) Once you arrive by car to the locale, you walk out to the dock and check in, boarding right away. (Other places make you wait again.) Finally, you walk dry and clothed onto the boat from the dock and take your seat. The rest is parasailing history!

So there you have your two chef specials for parasailing in Destin. Some like a full adventure with the beach waves and boat transfer of beach parasailing with an no-fuss sign up; and others take their Destin parasail straight up, as an unmuddled adventure, in an air of planned delight. Anyway, no matter how you fly, I can't say you won't all go back to your condo with great vacation memories and a wet behind either way!

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