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Destin Parasailing FAQs

What is parasailing anyway?
Parasailing involves taking passengers into the air by the inflation of a parasail wing (parachute) when a boat is in motion. A hydraulic winch system smoothly lets rope out so that the parasail wing can rise 400 feet (the legal limit) above the beautiful Destin, Florida waters, allowing a feeling of elation to ensue!


May I bring my camera and phone?
Yes you may bring whatever electronics you would like, but there is a risk of damage from moisture. You may do so at your own risk. Although we try to prevent electronics from becoming wet, Captain Jambo’s Parasailing is not responsible for damage to your electronic devices. We do have camera packages available to save your electronics!


Are there sharks?
Yes, from time to time, sharks pass through the Emerald Coast waters of Destin, however, they have never been interested in parasailers to date. No shark attacks have occurred while parasailing. Remember, take off and landing are done on the boat so there is no contact with water except a dip at the end of the flight.


Do need reservations for parasailing?
Yes, you may call (850) 888-8FLY or book online. Spots are held with a credit card but may be paid in person with another form of payment. Please book 2 days in advance during Destin’s high season of June, July, and early August to ensure your parasail flight.


Where do we parasail in Destin?
Depending on weather conditions, parasailing is done either in the crystal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, or in the smoother waters of the Choctawhatchee Bay.


How long is the parasail ride?
At Captain Jambo's, we give you a full 10-12 minute parasail ride, unlike many of our competitors. You may fly by yourself (for an extra fee), with another person or with two other people, depending on your preferences, weather conditions, as well as the weight of flyers. The captain takes these elements into consideration for your comfort and safety.


How long is the boat ride?
At Captain Jambo's, you may experience the sights and sounds of the Gulf of Mexico or Choctawhatchee Bay for up to an hour, depending on how many passengers are flying.


What are the rules for children riding?
Captain Jambo's welcomes children ages 5 and up to parasail with us. Accompanying adults may fly tandem with one or two children, or if space allows, they may book a spectator trip aboard the boat. If not, our staff is well-versed in keeping them safe and making them feel at ease during the trip. Our captain has been parasailing in Destin, Florida for 23 years so rest assured, your children are flying with experience!


Can I just ride on the boat?
Yes, if space is available, you may opt for a spectator trip, so you may enjoy the trip as well. Please call for availability.


Will I get wet?
Captain Jambo's parasailing rides include a foot dip at the end, but you may request to stay dry. However, as it is a boat ride, you may experience the salty fun of Destin's Emerald waters, nonetheless!


What if I cannot swim?
There is no need to know how to swim as Captain Jambo's requires parasailers to wear U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets in the rare event of a water landing. If the boat should stop (which is extremely rare), the parachute will glide downward and the life jacket will keep passengers afloat until they are rescued. We have small watercrafts available for this occasion.


What if I am preggers?
Due to insurance policies, we are unable to fly pregnant women. Please fly with us after your most exhilarating experience is over!


Who will be flying with me?
You may fly by yourself, with another person or with two other people, depending on your preferences, weather conditions, as well as the weight of flyers. The captain takes these elements into consideration for your comfort and safety, but we make every effort to accommodate your group! We do not fly you with people you don't know.


Do you have photo and video equipment available, if I don’t want to get mine wet?
Yes, Captain Jambo’s has photo and video packages available for your group. You can even rent a Go Pro camera to take on flight with you! A minimum of 30 photos will be taken per flight and high-definition, digital photos will be handed to you via SD card upon disembarkment of the parasailing vessel.


Is parasailing safe?
Statistically speaking, parasailing is safer than riding in a car. And parents, I’m just going to say what you know deep down is true: your teenager is better off having a designated captain parasailing him to his events than driving himself. Contact us for bulk rates!
Our owner/Captain Jason is U.S. Coast Guard licensed for 500 ton vessels. He has 23 years of parasail experience and 250-foot supply boats of the oil field, where safety is the highest priority. Born and raised in the area, he has worked on boats since 16 years of age, and personally keeps our fleet in good mechanical order.
Additionally, the parasail boat is a U.S. Coast Guard inspected boat and is specially designed for parasailing. We take your safety seriously and adhere to all U.S. Coast Guard, FAA, and insurance regulations and recommendations for parasailing our beautiful Destin, Florida coast, giving you peace of mind.


How do you get in the air?
Takeoff and landing is done from the back deck of the parasail boat with the help of a specially-trained deckhand and a hydraulic winch system. Captain Jambo’s uses U.S. Coast Guard approved harnesses and parachutes. In addition, ropes, and equipment are inspected daily to ensure safety.


Do you have to be in shape to parasail?
No. People of all ages and fitness levels may parasail. We are able to accommodate many disabilities as well. Please call to discuss accommodations. Unfortunately, due to insurance policy requirements, those who are pregnant or have heart or back conditions are excluded from riding on the parasail boat.


How do I book a parasailing trip?
You may book a parasail trip with Captain Jambo’s parasail either online or by phone, reserving with a major credit card. You may pay with another method at the dock at the time of the parasailing trip.


What if I cannot make it?

Feel free to cancel parasailing trips 24 hours or more before the booked flight and Captain Jambo’s will refund 100% of the cost, otherwise, no refund will be given. No-shows are not eligible for a refund. However, inclement weather is always fully refunded if rescheduling is not possible, so book with reassurance!

What should I wear parasailing?
Captain Jambo’s considers bathing suits, 3-piece suits, or gorilla costumes as proper parasailing attire! Wear flip flops, tennis shoes or bare feet on board the boat and bare feet or secure shoes when flying! We only warn that electronic equipment is subject to the great salty waters of Destin, Florida while parasailing. Captain Jambo’s cannot be held liable for damage. But feel free to flap your tuxedo tails in the wind!

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