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How to Get the Best Snorkel Tour of Destin

Snorkeling in Destin is unparalleled with our clear, emerald waters on a high bay tide and clear sky day. With the elements of the sun, sea, and air culminating, the Choctawhatchee Bay, Destin Pass and Gulf of Mexico outlet look like the water in your condo's pool; perfect for snorkeling and observing Florida's marine life.

The Best Conditions

Herring Fish Spotted on Destin Snorkel

At Captain Jambo's Destin Harbor, we monitor weather patterns, tide tables, and surf reports to provide the best experience for your snorkeling excursion and tailor it to your group. For example, swift winds may be a novice sailor's dream or a flat surf his dismay. A young child may huddle away from high winds, but excel in snorkeling calm waves. Unfortunately, too many companies arrive at the same time--no matter the conditions--to the same spots.

The Best Locations

Not only is it important to find the optimal time for your excursion, but you have to go to the best snorkel spots in Destin. Let's be honest, there is no extensive network of tropical reefs in Destin, like Hawaii or the Florida Keys. With that said, we do have grass beds that provide a sanctuary for growing fish that attract larger salt water life to the area. In addition, there are man-made structures such as the East and West Jetties made of piled rock, as well as the deeper structures that support angelfish, starfish and sea horses that you may free dive down to explore. Depending on the group's age, activity level, and preferences, a customized combination of these snorkeling areas can be put together for your private or semi-private boat tour of Destin!

Find the Best, But Take It in Stride

But remember, have realistic expectations about the land, sea, and air conditions. The tide, for example, is in constant flux and for the entire week of your family's Destin vacation, the conditions may not be optimal for spying the deep water marine life. Should you still snorkel Destin? You bet you should; you left Oklahoma and work drudgery to seek adventure in beautiful Destin, Florida! Getting out on the water and experiencing a zippy Stiletto catamaran sailing adventure with friends and family is going to top another day at the beach any day! And you never know if the dolphins will soar out of the water, throwing fish to one another, or a huge sea turtle will flip up in the waves. So book your Destin snorkeling adventure and see what swims your way! You're not in Kansas anymore!

The author ditching her snorkel to spy the deeper depths of Destin's snorkeling

For more on Captain Jambo's snorkeling tours of Destin click here the link!

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