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Best Boat Tour of Destin: Parasailing Dolphin Tour!

Parasailing in Destin, Captain Jambo Style!

So Many Things To Do

So you want to go parasailing AND jet skiing, AND snorkeling--oh don't forget the DOLPHIN TOUR!! But, you only have so much time in this beautiful beach, waterland called Destin. What is a vacationer to do? Why not knock out two bucket list birds with one proverbial stone? Join our signature Parasailing Dolphin Tour, the only tour of its kind in Destin! Embark on your journey from our dock location with private parking and never have to drive the lot for space. Then, check in at the dock with no waiting 30-45 minutes for your tour--just show up 10 min early and walk on the boat! Things are easy here. The best part is that we do small groups of 6 or less so you have a good chance of having a private tour thrown in for free if you have 4+ in your party.

What Happens on Board, Stays Aboard

Then, the staff with get you geared up with a smashing life jacket/parasail harness ensemble that your friends will rave should be worn land side. Next, the captain takes you through the Choctawhatchee Bay, under the Destin Bridge and out through the Destin Pass, a frequent dolphin hang out spot. Now would you think combining the tours would leave you feeling like you didn't get enough of one activity over the other? No, and let me tell you why. You parasail then you have another 30 minutes to enjoy the views of dolphins. Most of the time, we already spot them playing in the waves so there is no wasted time looking around like other dolphin tours. It's the equivalent of a two-hour dolphin tour since you already out there. Plus, did I mention there are no 15-50 other people on the boat??

Can I Swim with the Dolphins?

And just because someone always asks, the geographical set up of the Bay and Destin Pass doesn't allow for a safe way to swim with the dolphins. The outlet is small and the volume of water that passes through the Pass is great (just think look at how big the Choctawhatchee Bay is on a map). This water volume makes for some swift currents. No one in Destin can offer a swimming experience with our mammalian dolphin friends. And if you travel to Panama City for a tour, you'd likely be in for a letdown. The dolphins just swim right by. I'll let you in on a local secret. Dolphins prefer two things: food and boat wakes to ride. If you aren't on a boat and you aren't sporting a some smelly Cigar Minnows (which is illegal btw!) the dolphins just cruise on by tourists. What we can offer is the most intimate viewing experience with our boats holding 6 or less. You won't get closer on a dolphin tour boat. On a calm day, you can see the dolphins looking at you through the water, and jumping of course!

Sailing in Destin, Florida with Captain Jambo's

Best Destin Vacation with Captain Jambo's

Plan Your Vacation

Now that you have the facts, let us know if we can help you plan an amazing combo trip with your family and friends with a Parasailing Dolphin Tour today. Give us a call at (850) 888-8FLY.

Other combos tours are available on our catamaran sailboat. We offer deep and shallow snorkeling tours out to the artificial reefs, dolphin and other marine life viewing, as well as Crab Island fun all the same boat with your personalized tour and tour guide, the captain! So make some memories to last a lifetime with our small group tours. Family time is adventure time here at Captain Jambo's Destin Harbor!

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