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The Winds are High, the Tide is Low. Only One Way to Go...

If I ever did see a sailing day, it's today! The temperatures are dropping precipitously as I headed out to test the sails in this rare January warmth! I latched the main sail and prepped the jib for sudden ascent, should a stable northernly wind align itself with my journey through the Choctawhatchee Bay. Aboard, I have my dear friend who has never sailed a day in his life. This sentiment is reflected starkly in his layers of wind-penetrated clothing and bobble-eyed expression, as we tacked through the Destin Pass towards the arching expanse of the Destin Bridge. I find myself less comforting to my friend than if he were a poor lamb about to be mauled by a starved lion. Perhaps, my testing is because of the weather conditions that are setting this day up for some serious skill training. I am as much getting myself hardened for testing my sailing skills as I am for my comadre, who has on bad chance came for his initial sailing lesson on such a marvelous day! Ascend the jib, ol' friend; we are in it for the long haul!

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