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Ahoy, Destin Adventure Seekers!

Ahoy Adventure Seekers!

This is your captain, Captain Jason P. King. Here's a bit about myself to start this journey off with a proper introduction.

I grew up on Choctawhatchee Bay and for 21 years, I've been a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain for 100-ton, then 500-ton sized boats. As a long lad, I started off parasailing the beautiful waters of Destin, Florida. Then, spending periodic shifts in the oilfield running supply boats 200 feet or more and flying folks high in the summers with a parasail business started in 2002. Now, I'm in the next chapter of my life, taking families on boat tours around Destin and being able to see my family everyday. So you're in luck! I love to push the Stiletto Catamaran to the limit, flying on one hull and sailing at speeds pushing 20 knots. If your not into total chaos sailing, I also like to take it easy while filling your mind with my genius ideas on how to fix the world today! So now that I've introduced myself, let the adventures begin!

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